In order to ensure an optimal service, to best meet the expectations and needs of our customers, our partners, our elected representatives while actively contributing to the development of our territory, the Thonon-les-Bains Tourist Office has committed itself to a Quality approach.




  • Improve the accessibility and visibility of the Tourist Office.
  • Ensure a personalized and warm welcome, thanks to a competent and trained staff,  at your disposal.
  • Ensure the cleanliness and comfort of the premises.
  • Optimize the management and availability of tourist information within the Tourist
  • Office.Provide clear and precise regional tourist information, adapted to visitor demand.

The Thonon-Les-Bains tourist office, services that go beyond simple tourist information

  • Facilitate the dissemination of information 7/7 days a week, 24/24 hours, and promote the territory using web-based tools.
  • Offer tourist products adapted to the desires of customers and the region.
  • Offer additional services: wifi access, internet consultation station….
  • Manage suggestions and complaints.

The Thonon-Les-Bains tourist office, A COMPETENT AND TRAINED TEAM

  • Dynamics and motivation of the professional team, participatory approach and changes in positions.
  • Continuous staff training to increase versatility and develop specific skills.
  • Quality referee at the Tourist Office.

The Thonon-Les-Bains tourist office, LINK BETWEEN TOURISM PARTNERS

  • Development of local resources.
  • Work with local and regional tourism networks.
  • Implementation of promotion and development actions with its partners.
  • Assistance to partners in the development of their activity.

Labels Of Thonon tourist office

  • famille à Thonon

    Famille plus

    Since 2015

    In October 2015, our city obtained the Family Plus Label, renewed in 2018 for 3 years, an additional service designed to offer the best services to our core target: families. Our approach can only be done in collusion with our partners. Find the Family Plus commitments on the dedicated page of our website. You are in a similar process or interested to initiate your family ranking more: contact us!

    Your contact person: Laëtitia Decurninges

    More details
  • 2015-07-28-SprintOpen-9

    France Station Nautique

    Since 2004

    Thonon-les-Bains had already made the crazy bet to join the very closed club of water sports resorts in 2004. Since then, the resort has constantly improved its infrastructure, welcome, promotion and organisation in order to offer its users the best means for optimal water sports practice. Nautical actors, join the France Station Nautique club !
    Your contact person : Vanessa Lemaire –

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  • hébergements adaptés

    Tourisme & Handicap

    Since 2010

    The Tourist Office is also classified as Tourism and Handicap and supports all partners who so wish in this process by organising presentations of the label, offering audits and training. Make your establishment accessible to all within the framework established by the Accessibility Act.
    A question about the label?
    Your contact person : Camille Thiriet –

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  • itinérance douce

    Accueil vélo

    Since 2017

    The “Accueil Vélo” collective brand is the first and only brand that qualifies the welcome and services offered to cyclists in French tourist communities. It is registered in the National Trademark Register.
    A question about the label?
    Your contact person : Julie Legros –

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  • helena-lopes-PGnqT0rXWLs-unsplash 300 350

    Qualité tourisme

    Since 2013

    Qualité Tourisme™ is the only state brand awarded to tourism professionals for the quality of their welcome and services. Find the commitments of the Tourist Office category I on the dedicated page of our website.
    A question about the label?
    Your contact person : Perrine Carle –

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