After enjoying all the pleasures that the water’s surface has to offer, with an afternoon on the beach or a stand-up paddleboard ride, you might one day wonder what lies in the depths of Lake Geneva. A professional fisherman from Thonon who knows the area, Jérôme is the right man to tell you.
But to find him, you’ll need to get up early…

Sur les pas de Jérôme Raymond...plongée dans son emploi du temps !

  • At 4:00

    To be precise. Because anyone who wants a chance
    to catch fera or char needs to bring the nets in before sunrise. By moonlight, Jérôme makes his way to the lights that signal where
    the nets are placed. Lifting them requires technique, especially
    in the dark…

  • 8:00

    After releasing the fera from the netting, it’s still too early to head back. The day of fishing continues, as nets are cast for perch, to be lifted several hours later. The fish will be scaled and gutted in port, before being sold.

  • 12:00

    12:00 Today’s catch hasn’t been that large. To meet
    the demand of Thonon’s restaurateurs and merchants, Jérôme decides to cast his nets again. This time, a nice school of perch swam right in… Getting them out of the mesh takes time and patiences.

  • 17:00

    17:00 No breaks to take in the scenery! After untangling the nets, it’s time to head home. In minutes, these 120 m long traps will spread out 15 m deep,
    awaiting future catches. The sunset on the lake signals the end of Jerome’s day.

bateau filets Jerôme-Raymond

Tomorrow, and every day to come except Sundays, where net fishing gives way to pleasure boating, the fishing will continue, but never quite the same. Some days the lake will be calm, some days stormy. The weather may be friendly or unwelcoming. The fish will never be quite where you expect. But his passion for fishing will always be the same.