When you ask a sailing instructor if he could imagine himself without Lake Geneva, you almost regret asking the question… Passionate and eager to learn and transmit, Hugo immerses us in his world of sailing and we certainly do NOT remain with our beaks in the water!

Interview flottante

  • What is your background?

    I was born and raised near Saint-Malo in Brittany. From the age of 4, the passion for sailing began. After having been trained on all types of supports (deriveur, catamaran, windsurfing and habitable), I started to transmit my passion during the summers as a sailing instructor to Dinard and La Tranche sur Mer. With my Baccalaureate in my pocket, I decided to enter the Bts in Nature Management and Protection at the Centre de formation des Métiers de la Montagne in Thônes. After these two years of enjoying the mountains and skiing, I spent my BPJEPS sailing in Les Sables d’Olonnes. Looking for a year-round job, it was the Thonon Sailing School (SNLF) that gave me my chance in 2013. Since then, I have flourished as a sailing instructor on Lake Geneva and live off my passion full-time!

  • What is your job, can you describe it in a few words?

    I am a sailing instructor. During the year, I introduce schoolchildren to sailing, I train a team of Optimists competition (from 8 to 13 years old) and handicapped (from 8 to 74 years old!) and I participate in the training of future seasonal and professional instructors. During the summer, I help children and adults of all levels to progress on all media during weekly training courses or private lessons and make them discover the bay of Tuna during outings organized with the Tourist Office.

  • Can we call on you whatever level we have?

    Of course, at the Thonon sailing school we welcome everyone from 5 years old. Whatever your level, we offer and guide you towards a progression adapted to your projects.

  • Is your life without Lake Geneva possible?

    Yes, but I would be very unhappy! I have found my balance on this lake between lake and mountain, where calm can quickly give way to storms and where you can ski and sail in a single day!
    It is still important for us to go sailing at sea or in the ocean from time to time, especially in February when it is still too cold here and at various championships. I am very attached to Haute-Savoie and intend to stay there!

  • If you had to summarize your job in three words?

    Passion, sensations and adventures that animate me every day and make me feel lucky.

“I have found my balance on this body of water between lake and mountain, where calm can quickly give way to a storm and where you can ski and sail in one day!”