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Montriond Lake

Lac de Montriond - Yvan Tisseyre/OT Vallée d'Aulps
  • Lac de Montriond - Yvan Tisseyre/OT Vallée d'Aulps
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This stunning lake - known also as the emerald green lake - sits quietly at the foot of immense cliffs and is a favourite with children and adults thanks to the idyllic vision it offers and the feeling of calm it evokes.

Lake Montriond was created after a part of the Nantaux mountain fell away to the north-west. Although it is unclear when this landslide happened - estimates vary from 300 to 4500 years ago!) the landslide created a natural dam in the existing river which became the lake we see today. The water level was nonetheless prone to serious fluctations and a huge project to rectify this was completed in 1990 thanks to Montriond town hall. Since then the tourist industry has flourished... Montiond Lake is a huge outdoor playground with something for includes a swimming area that's suitable for even very young swimmers, while other visitors can try pony riding or canoeing. Older children and adults also enjoy walking around the lake to take in the intoxicating beauty of it all... The Lake is also a jewel of a find for anglers, with its healthy stock of fario trout and rainbow trout, char and tiddlers! A fishing licence is required so enthusiasts must wait until the snow has melted before they can start to uncover the riches that lie beneath the surface... In figures, Montriond Lake is 33 hectares in size, or 25000 to 35000m2 depnding on the water level.

Feel the emotion run through you at the Lake fireworks display, a splendid event that makes full use of the watery backdrop! Takes place every second Saturday in August, hosted by Montriond town hall (entrance free) with thousands of visitors in attendance...

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