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Looking for fun ?

Native from Chablais region, I know the area like nobody ! I share you my recommandations : the restaurant where a good fondue is wainting for you, the most fashionnable bar, great events not to missed, activities to do with family... 

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The town lives to the rhythm of the activities organised all the year round. Popular events, shows for children, music festivals, street performances and the traditional fair succeed one other and attract ever-increasing crowds to the capital of Chablais.


agenda paysage

There are shows and festivals throughout the year for Thonon locals and holidaymakers to enjoy. From must-sees to new events, there’s something for everyone all year round: Theatre shows, street performances, concerts etc.



restaurants paysage

Traditional dishes, specialities of the lake...You will find a lot of delicious restaurants at Thonon-les-Bains...


BARS - nightclubs

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Do you want to go out and let your hair down with friends on the dance floor? There’s something for everyone at Thonon-les-Bains’ bars and clubs as well as theme nights for great snaps for the photo album!



cinema paysage

All sorts of art house films, small French productions and American blockbusters are screened at the cinemas in Thonon-les Bains. Grab some popcorn and settle down in one of the town’s three cinemas or its multiplex.



bowling-billard paysage

Pool, bowling, video games…you’ll never get bored! Have fun and compete with your mates in a chilled-out atmosphere.



galerie-etrave paysage

There are lots of cultural places to visit and things to do: Theatre shows, musicals, art exhibitions, photo displays, sculptures, access to new pieces etc. You are bound to find something you like and you can bask in this cultural and diverse atmosphere.