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Exhibition " Picasso, l'atelier du Minotaure" [Picasso, the Minotaur's workshop]

Palais Lumière
Quai Besson

The exhibition, Picasso, l'atelier du Minotaure, brings together a range of works (paintings, sculptures, ceramics, drawings, engravings, tapestries) from public and private collections.

It explores the development of a major theme in the history of art and the revival of this initiatory and funerary myth by Pablo Picasso during the inter-war period and its impact on contemporary creation ( photography, cinema, performing arts, art publishing). Focusing on the emergence and resurgence of this mythological theme in Picasso's work, the exhibition focuses on presenting all the ancient and modern sources (ceramics, sculptures, paintings, graphic works) that were able to encourage or influence its representation and reinterpretation by Picasso (paintings, sculptures, ceramics, tapestries) and by his contemporaries.
It confronts the ancient models of the representation of the ancient Fable (metamorphosis of Zeus into a Bull, bull of Poseidon, Apis, Europe, Pasiphae, Minos, Minotaur, Theseus, Ariadne, Daedalus) to the various productions of the 19th century (Canova, Ramey, Heim, Barye, Peytavin, Rodin, Moreau...) while reserving a central place for Picasso's rich appropriation of this particular theme and the impact of the Cretan myth on his contemporaries (Chirico, Masson, Matisse, Picabia, Max Ernst, Dali, Magritte, Miro, Bores...), poets and writers (Montherlant, Gide, Bataille, Desnos, Yourcenar...) not to mention in the field of photography (Man Ray, Lucien Clergue, David Douglas Duncan, André Villers) and cinema (Fellini, Cocteau....) to end on contemporary, playful images in video games and comics.

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From 30/06 to 07/10/2018, daily between 10 AM and 7 PM.


Full price: from 10 €, Tarif réduit: from 8 €.

Free entry for children < 16 years.