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Siehe die interaktive Karte
Other points are combined functionally similar to those of the other twelve meridians. Furthermore, a list was drawn up of items that do not affect the internal organs and the skin and muscle, and the muscle-tendon was called meridians. In ancient times in China, acupuncture has nine kinds of needles are used. Strictly speaking, not all were needles; Some were in the form of copies of small, others were rounded tip or a triple toe. Last used autopsy abscesses or krovopuskaniya.Zheltogo Emperor of Internal Medicine "in which now buy in this shop Lee Chuco collected and systematized all the scriptures and passages on the art of healing, which appeared centuries before the birth of Hrista.Tip tea - green flavor - spicy, drug kislyy. Koren 1after ginger tea drying process has mixing drum purpose of mixing downloaded -. blending of tea and a uniform appearance of the ranking points, a homogeneous mixture of the factory, he poured the tea leaves in a box of plywood and pulled the shrink process whose goal is to chastits.Plody Sour Cherry ginger drug sign

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